God's curse is upon those who knowingly support any ministries or teachings which contradict His WORD - (  2 John 1:10,11  &  Gal 1:8 ] 

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Beware of Mark Driscoll
Rick Warren and teachings of demons
Suit: ‘Cover-ups of sexual and criminal scandals’ at TBN
Do the Dead Communicate with the Living?
An Unhealthy Update on Peter and Doris Wagner
Cliff Richard supports redefining marriage
Gay Former Staffer Accuses Jesse Jackson of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment
Malaysia's first openly gay pastor
Joel Osteen Compares His Success Gospel to Jesus' Teachings
159 Catholic Priests From Boston on Sex Abuse List
Church elders act to prevent  Pr. David Yonggi Cho from privatizing church assets
John Hagee denies Jesus is the Jewish Messiah
LivePrayer.com calls for boycott of TBN
Once Christian Marriage Means Nothing
INSIDE EDITION Investigates TV Ministers' lifestyles
Benny Hinn sued by the publisher of Charisma Magazine
Is Marriage Still Sacred?
Rod Parsley Pimping Via Direct Mail
Barna Research: Buildings are more important than the people or the mission for God
Patricia King & minty angels of prosperity
Should Pastors Be Freemasons or Illuminati?
The Great delusion

The Emerging Church
Beware of the movie - The  SHACK
David Wilkerson on Benny Hinn
Fmr. General Secretary of AOG on Benny Hinn
Billy Graham's disobedience to the Word of God
Pope Benedict calls for a New World Order
Billy Graham's spiritual adultery
Westboro Baptist church Exposed!
Rick Warren twisting scripture (Pt.1)
Rick Warren twisting scripture (Pt.2)
Rick Warren back tracks on proposition 8
Reinhard Bonnke exposed!
The Gospel according to Robert Schuller
Richard Roberts from ORU exposed!
Rick Warren doesn't mention Jesus once while preaching to Jews
John Crowder - Ecstasy for God
John Crowder's Another Gospel
Cliff Richard approves homosexuality!
CCM singer admits he's gay
CCM & Homosexuality
David Wilkerson criticize faith teachers
SUN  HO City & The City Harvest Church of Singapore
Joseph Prince's heresy of Healing through the Holy Communion
Joseph Prince's Health and Wholeness through the Holy Communion
Beware of Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Hank Hanegraaf of CRI accused of plagiarism
The Vatican declares Charles Darwin was right after all!
Was Mother Teresa a true Christian?
Modern Day False Prophets & Teachers - Pictorial
Mother Teresa's crisis of  faith -  TIME magazine
Church goers invest in the 'Gospel' of getting rich - New York Times
"Prophet" Rick Joyner's heresies
An open letter to J.Lee Grady & Charisma
An open letter to Charisma Magazine
Preparing for a Charismatic Meltdown  - J.Lee Grady of CHARISMA
An Analysis of the Laughter Movement  - Dr Eddy Cheong
Joyce Meyer - We are little gods!
Little gods heresy refuted  - LET US REASON MINISTRIES
What really goes on in Todd Bentley's meetings?
Todd Bentley & His family before the divorce
Todd Bentley may be coming back
Todd Bentley and his false Jesus
Prosperity 'gospel' in poor Africa
Joel Osteen's wishy washy "gospel"(Pt.1)    
Joel Osteen's wishy washy "gospel' (Pt.2)
False Prophet Rick Joyner criticises J.Lee Grady 
Todd Bentley Exposed! - Article &
Televangelist exploiting the gullible(Pt.1) 
Televangelist exploiting the gullible(Pt.2) 
Televangelist exploiting the gullible(Pt.4)