Pastor Joel Osteen says that Mormonism (a cult) is just another form of Christianity.



Apostasy! The True Story of Card Counting (gambling) Christians


The song, originally a part of a First Baptist Orlando sermon about "wrong worship," was recently published on the Internet and was been made available as a stand-alone segment for download on the Orlando church's website.
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A Christian ministry's decision to expose as "false teachers" several celebrity ministers it believes are corrupting biblical teachings has prompted a rift, with Jack Van Impe Ministries dropping plans to work in the future with Trinity Broadcasting Network, where it has broadcast for more than two decades.


CAUTION: Let us not be quick to make a hero of Van Impe yet. This guy has promoted Roman Catholicism for years in his programs. He even had the audacity to say that "Pope John Paul II has given me real direction in my life”. "He is a giant of the faith.” 

Anyway, let us hope and pray that he is finally taking a stand for Biblical truth.  




There is a new craze sweeping emotional filled Churches called the “Double Dutch Praise.” It starts when the band is given the nod to take the congregation into a hypnotic dance that masquerades as praise dancing. Call it what you want, has it to gone too far? What’s the difference in what you’re viewing here and “Swinging Out” in the Club or doing the spiritual “Electric Slide.”