Definition of rock:  A term used to describe the new emergence of rhythm and blues fusion type music in the 1950's. Often the music is referred to simply as rock in modern times. "Rock and rolling" originally was a term frequently used in predominantly black neighborhoods to mean "having sexual intercourse".   - URBAN DICTIONARY

Alan Freed did not coin the phrase rock and roll; however, by way of his radio show, he popularized it and redefined it. Once slang for sex, it came to mean a new form of music.   - BRITANNICA ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA



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Rock group



Dear friends: 

Some Assembly of God churches today  disregard this resolution by openly  inviting certain "Christian" rock groups to churches  or using their music during some of the services.  Rev David Wilkerson said this regarding churches who use "Christian" Rock music in their worship services :

"They are introducing heathen ways of worship--false worship. They think they are worshiping the Lord,while all the while He despises their offerings. They use the name of Jesus to justify their heathen practices.

Borrowed rock music is Satan's calculated attempt to pollute the worship of almighty God. It is worship that he is after; it is worship he so desires for himself. Satan will go to any extreme to pollute the worship directed to the Lord so that it will be rejected. In this way he succeeds in hindering worship in spirit and in truth. He simply  adds another spirit and mixes in a lie knowing God will reject it. God must, and  always does, reject all worship that is not born of the Holy Spirit and that is not all of  truth. And even if that music inspires the performers and listeners, it does not get  beyond the ceiling--God won't touch it. He abhors it!"

[Pages 89 & 90 -- Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth]

So how do we differentiate which worship music is acceptable to God and which is not? The answer: We have to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us (John 16:13). David Wilkerson has this to say in his book:

" As they (Christians) hunger and thirst for righteousness and spend much time in prayer and study of God's Word, they can quickly recognize music that has been borrowed from the realm of darkness."

"..all who go deep in the Lord and who become devoted worshipers, spending much time in the secret closet of prayer, begin to reject all harsh, pounding, frivolous music. They hunger for music that soothes the soul and complements the rest God  gives to the inner man. They respond only to that music that lifts up the lovely name  of Jesus, and that inspires toward a broken heart and a contrite spirit."

 [Pages 116 & 117 -- Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth]

Please Note:  We are not opposed  to all type of Contemporary  Christian  music