You wake up, but you are unable to move. As you lie in bed, totally conscious, you realize that something weird is happening. You have difficulty breathing due to pressure on the chest.  You may also see dark shadows or entities moving around the room. You may even hear strange voices or footsteps and feel that someone is touching you or that the blanket is being pulled off. You try to scream but nothing comes out.

According to medical websites, you've just AWAKENED into the dream world.

Your hallucination is due to factors like sleep deprivation.
This phenomenon happens to about half the population at least once in their lives.

But some Christians believe most (not all) of these experiences are demonic and the administrator of this website is one of them:

One night many years ago, while listening to the music of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) I fell asleep and woke up minutes later as I felt something extremely heavy on my chest. I freaked-out the moment I opened my eyes and  saw an evil-looking black “dog” sitting on top of me. I was unable to move...I felt the hot breath of the “dog” breathing on my face.

I could hardly breathe. I tried to call out for my mom who was in the next room but I could not speak. After that, I called upon all the Hindu gods that I worshipped and even Buddha to help me but nothing happened. Then a small still voice told me to call upon the name of JESUS and I immediately cried out the name of  JESUS  or thought it in my mind (I can’t remember) and the demon fled!

Years later, this experience opened my eyes to the Gospel...Praise the Lord!

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