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Chrystal Whitt :
Believers in prophetic dance believe that when they hear from God, they can express His message in dance instead of word.  Therefore, they believe the dance is Holy Spirit inspired.  So, while I was watching Manasseh Jordan’s prophetic dance, I thought to myself…”The Holy Spirit moonwalks?”



Communion Blasphemy!


by Chrystal Whitt

Those of you who are familiar with Manasseh Jordan know how he works.  He’ll start by saying, “C…C….I’m getting a C.  Is there someone here named Cathy?  Christina?  Cait?”  Chances are, if he’s not pulling a “Peter Popoff” on the audience, he’ll find someone with those names.  Once he calls them out, he dazzles the crowd with his power by prophesying over them.






The only  miracles  happening in this video are the 'disputable kinds'—the healing of non-visible illnesses which are not  immediately verifiable —like the “healings” of  knees, elbow, backache, spine, etc. What happened to healing miracles like in the Bible?  The Blind SEE—The Deaf HEAR—The Lame WALK—The dead RAISED! INSTANTANEOUS! COMPLETE! 

Anyway, I believe JESUS STILL HEALS! (Heb 13:8) And He uses various ways to heal us. It can be through modern medicine gradually or even through miracles like in the book of Acts. But it is not happening through these hyped-up healing meetings because the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit is not there.



This is Sound Doctrine?

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