Kathleen Carnali's Testimony  



A great combination of music and Film


Preachers who preach 'Wealth & Heath'  "Gospel"  should see this video.

This man praises the Lord in Heaven despite his condition. Christians will only be perfect & healthy when they reach heaven.  



 A      MOVING    STORY    OF     A    CALL   GIRL !

Testimony of a woman who was searching for the truth and found it in the Bible. 


The day is coming when there will be only peace & love even among animals.  [Isaiah 11:6-8] 

Beautiful Poem !


The Bible says the day will come when what you see in this video will be a normal relationship between mankind & carnivorous animals [Isaiah 11:6-8]   

A Hollywood actor's testimony about how he came to know Jesus as his personal Savior & Lord!

 An Excellent Testimony!